The film follows a meticulous hoarder around his warehouse of trinkets. While he follows his daily routine a twist reveals he is hoarding more than just trinkets…

Director’s Statement

Growing up I watched my grandfather collect (or HOARD) a large assortment of material items. His warehouse which was our set for the film is always filling up with new trinkets and is a strong reflection of how growing up with very little can pressure you to hang on to what you gain. Don’t worry he never killed anyone, that was the fun twist we added!

As young filmmakers the most difficult barrier to overcome is a budget. We wanted to push ourselves however we are all very particular about quality and authenticity. These are two very challenging characteristics that a budget can greatly effect. The warehouse is what sparked the idea for the film, as we had the ability to build our story around the resources we had available.

We have 3 more scripts finished and ready to film and the crew that has come from this film was the greatest reward. We are all willing to learn and grow and constantly push each other and each others ideas. I hope you enjoy HOARDER and make sure to follow our social handles if you have interest in the next 3 shorts!