From award-winning directors The Hudson Dusters, aka Michael Kuhn and Niles Roth, comes an homage to one of their favorite films with a unique twist starring some kid basketball phenoms.

“White Kids Can’t Jump” stars Noah (IG @babybirdman3), Enzo Lee (IG @teamenzotv), and Aaron “AO” Owens.

Directors Statement

For filmmakers Michael Kuhn and Niles Roth, aka The Hudson Dusters, White Men Can’t Jump was a formational film, an object of inspiration that helped propel them both into their career as directors. (It also happens to be one of Stanley Kubrick’s favorite American films) Flash forward twenty-five years and the duo, whose role as commercial directors has them working with athletes regularly, happened upon two young basketball phenoms (Noah Cutler and Enzo Lee) who reminded them of the seminal film. Inspiration struck and the result is equal parts fantasy trailer and heartfelt homage: White Kids Can’t Jump is a short film that joyfully reimagines the classic with a younger cast.