Game // Featured Short


A young boy struggles to endure his sister’s twisted game and accept his mother’s death ‘Game’ is a psychological thriller from Canadian filmmaker Joy Webster, exploring the development of a child’s struggle to cope with his mother’s death with little support from his divided family. When alone in the forest,[…]

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Game // Short Trailer


A young boy struggles to endure his sister’s twisted game and accept his mother’s death. Premieres on Film Shortage September 16.

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My Sun. My Moon // Daily Short Picks

My Sun. My Moon.

My Sun. My Moon. highlights the love that bonds a mother and son while they struggle with the many dimensions of her Alzheimer’s. Director’s Statement This short is very personal to me as it illuminates the role reversal that occurs when a parent grows old and a child grows up.[…]

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Hope // Featured Short


A young woman’s sense of reality becomes an illusion as she struggles with her internal conflicts European films often have their particular way to tell a story, and are typically not afraid to bend the boundaries of comprehension. Spanish director Aleix Buch’s ‘Hope’ easily skips along those lines, where the[…]

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Hot Water // Daily Short Picks

Hot Water

Freshly divorced and new to the US, Jeanne finds herself navigating the world of house mates for the very first time. Hunter envisions her a damsel in distress and himself her savior. The film explores grey areas, the banality of misogyny and the nuance of power imbalance. It’s important to[…]

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Daydreamer // Daily Short Picks


A struggling musician is peer pressured into performing a very personal song while at a party he wishes he didn’t have to attend. Director’s Statement The Specs’ DAYDREAMER is a song I’ve wanted to incorporate into a project for years now. I went back and forth with ideas, and finally[…]

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The Fisherman // Daily Short Picks

The Fisherman

An intimate portrait of a Mother and Father’s struggle to provide for their family on the Indonesian island of Rote. Meksi is a proud Father and experienced fisherman, but his efforts to provide are constantly thwarted by an unreliable boat engine that puts him and his family’s already precarious situation[…]

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Amazing Bagel // Daily Short Picks

Amazing Bagel

This is a comedy about a miscarriage. When a 30-year-old woman discovers, unbeknownst to her, she’s had a miscarriage, she struggles with whether she should open up about it with her on-again-off-again f*ck buddy.

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Dark at Sea // Daily Short Picks

Dark at Sea

An exploration of one man’s struggle with himself shot on 35mm motion picture film. “Dark at Sea” captures themes of frustration, defeat, and addiction to success through the movements of dancer Matthew Gibbs. Director’s Statement Dark at Sea started as a love letter to the ambitions and the payoffs that[…]

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Pee Sitting Down // Daily Short Picks

Pee Sitting Down

Bohemian Ruby and handsome Julian are having a fabulous first date, but when Ruby wants him to go home with her, Julian surprises her with his sexual proclivities. They end up in a hilarious power struggle that raises the question, “who is actually in control”?

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