A restless young woman ships off to fight an interstellar war, only to struggle with the effects of being cut off from her home by both time and space.

Director’s Vision for ‘Jettison’

Jettison is a war movie without the war. Drawing from other sci-fi parables such as the Forever War written by Joe Haldeman, and more grounded media dealing with military isolation such as Jarhead and Born on the Fourth of July, the short is an attempt to capture the feeling of alienation that many veterans experience when sent to combat. Instead of showing the usual gory, and at this point well-trodden horrors of the fighting itself, we wanted to depict the experience as a slower and more existential kind of death. And using the scientific phenomenon of time dilation, we want viewers to ask themselves how soldiers could possibly cope with a conflict of this magnitude and time scale, and hopefully reflect on the conditions of their real-world counterparts.