The struggles and journey of an individual in a disturbing yet somehow very familiar society.

Director’s Vision for ‘The Other Side’

At the start of the second year at film school, we started nearly straight away to brainstorm the main movies we would direct at one point or another during the year. Due to my specialization, I had to oversee numerous projects as a producer and it was really tricky for me to find time and energy for an idea. I got a few of them I kind of liked, but I felt it wasn’t the right time for any of them.

That’s when I remembered an advice given by one of our script writing teachers: your idea has to come from the guts. You are gonna spend months working on that idea, so you better be passionate about it. I sat down, looked at all the random words written in my notebook in the past few days and dove into the deepest parts of my mind.

I thought about how people get polarized so fast on the Internet nowadays and how there is often barely room for discussion between different opinions. I started to imagine what would happen if that kind of environment was applied to a core aspect of humanity for many centuries : love.

The next day or so, I showed in front of the class a poorly designed, untitled and very short slide presentation and started to talk about that strange world and its main character. The Other Side was born.