Based on real events. Over a turbulent 24-hour period in the aftermath of a recent abortion, followed by the loss of her part-time job, SABRINA’s world is turned around. As she struggles with her emotional upheaval, we see her perspective shift to that of an outsider, observing the rhythms of a city that’s cold and indifferent to her struggle, making her question her place in the big city. She’s ultimately faced with whether she wants to continue to be a part of it, only to come to a quiet realisation that she’s got the strength to persevere.

Director’s Vision

SABRINA’S story was created with the belief that something so personal is universal in scope. The film centers around Sabrina and her experiences both internally and externally as she navigates the everyday pulse of a relentless city. I’m hoping to create a rich sense of place that not only reflects the beauty of the city, but also the contrast for people who are trapped in this kind of urban confinement. While this film has unresolved grief and trauma, it allows brief everyday moments of human connection to help us rise above the noise.

This film is dedicated to the loving memory of MARA DA COSTA REIS, whom we miss so dearly. A talented creative soul who poured her heart into this film and all the other projects she was ever part of.