When Lenny, a middle aged actor struggling with an eating disorder, experiences a harrowing personal experience, he must contend with his problem in a very visceral way.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, it was at the age of 10, upon seeing Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America,” which was filmed in his neighborhood, that Jason realized he wanted to tell stories about the people, and places, he grew up around. His varied path includes studying screenwriting at SUNY Purchase, and then becoming a film teacher at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, NY.

Jason became a father at 17, which resulted in having to mature and figure out what it was to be a man, all while trying to raise a son. Additionally, his struggles with substance abuse have placed him on a journey of self-discovery where he learns more about himself each day. It not only informs his life, but his art making.

Being from working class neighborhoods in Queens, Jason always aspired to highlight the unique personalities and diversity that make up this borough. While it may appear that things are tranquil, and fine behind the facade of the well trimmed lawns, and suburban existence, what lies underneath is human, and true.

The types of films Jason connects with immerse the audience in the subjective point of view of their characters. It brings us into their experience, as they feel things, interact with others, and strive to survive amongst hardship, and their everyday lives. He was inspired to write films because he didn’t see his world represented on screen; Jason had something to add to the conversation.