Dead Teenager Séance // Short Film Trailer

Dead Teenager Séance

A group of dead teenagers spending their after-lives in Limbo decides to wreak vengeance upon their killer by summoning him to the world of the dead.

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The Killer // Daily Short Picks

The Killer

The set of a horror movie is delayed when its lead actor fails to deliver a pivotal line.

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Last One Screaming // Featured Short

Last One Screaming

After surviving a horrific weekend at a remote cabin in the woods where all of her friends were brutally murdered, Ashley finds herself in handcuffs. What happens to the Final Girl after a horror movie ends? After surviving a horrific weekend at a remote cabin in the woods where all[…]

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One New Message // Daily Short Picks

One New Message

It should have been a simple night in for Lauren, having just planned a date with her crush in the morning. Little does she know, behind her screen and every text is someone watching and waiting. This very message could be her last. Director’s Statement Throughout my long exploration of[…]

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5 Halloween Shorts That Will Feed Your Nightmares

5 Halloween Shorts That Will Feed Your Nightmares

Before Stranger Things takes up your Halloween Weekend binge, here’s a list of our favorite terrorizing shorts from the last year. Take out your popcorn and blanket and clear out your dreams cause nightmares are coming in! Enjoy! Night of The Slasher by Shant Hamassian Zygote by Neill Blomkamp Dark[…]

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Holiday Fear // Daily Short Picks

Holiday Fear

In the final act of a slasher film, Bruce attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress the final girl by finishing off the killer. Director Statement As a kid, my friends and I had movie marathons every weekend, renting VHS tapes from the local Blockbuster’s horror section. HOLIDAY FEAR picks[…]

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Night of The Slasher || Featured Short Film

Night of The Slasher

A “one-take” slasher film about a teenage girl who lures a masked killer by purposely committing horror movie sins. Not the typical slasher film you’ve grown to get used to. Night of the Slasher has all the clichés you would expect from a slasher; the half-naked dancing, sex, alcohol, drugs[…]

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TITANO! is a silent short film about a long-forgotten horror actor who gets an unexpected chance to play his signature role one last time. Inspired by the monster movies of the 1950s, with a Pixar-esque twist, TITANO! features the late Irwin Keyes (Intolerable Cruelty, House of 1000 Corpses) in the[…]

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Fright Night | Drudge


Drudge is the opening scene to a feature film. The nine-minute short film tells the story of Mia, who’s romantic night at home turns into a terror filled night with Drudge, the new face of horror. The villain, Drudge is a modern take on the classic slasher villain which traditionally[…]

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The Sleepover

Another Halloween spirit horror classic! Babysitter, sleepover, town slasher… the absolute ingredients to a perfect horror formula! The Sleepover was filmed as a proof-of-concept for a feature film about a town living “between the sequels” of its infamous masked killer. Happy Halloween, and don’t forget to check the closet 🙂[…]

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