Taste of Love // Featured Short Film

Taste of Love

What is the taste of love? Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty? A young woman on a quest for the taste of love: Taste of Love recalls past events, the most significant sexual moments of a young woman’s life. From her first intimate touch, that sweetly lingered[…]

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Pop Music | Featured Short Film

Pop Music

Trevor’s niece prepared a dance for her crush and the DJ didn’t play the correct song. Now Trevor is mad and he’s carrying a samurai sword. It’s an all night suburban quest for love and revenge. Take out your blades and tunes because your about to go on one hell[…]

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The Flare | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

The Flare

In a world brought back to the pre-Industrial Revolution, a reclusive middle-aged woman goes on a quest to uncover her past before being taken to a permanent retirement facility. Dans un monde retourné à l’ère préindustrielle, une femme tente d’élucider les mystères enfouis dans son passé trouble, à la veille[…]

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Be My Baby

A broken heart, a bleeding nose, and some newfound ideas about love—all on the first day of fourth grade. Ivan is a precocious boy whose never been interested in girls, because as far as he’s concerned, girls only like pink-fluffy-hello-kitty-one-direction type stuff, so why waste time getting involved? But on[…]

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Dawn is a psychological drama exploring the bond of triplets, broken at birth, that sends surviving siblings Jude and Madison on an intimate quest to fill their sense of loss, grief and loneliness. On their 36th birthday, the missing link in their trinity lays just around the corner… stephaniezari.com twitter.com/StephanieZari[…]

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I Am Vengeance

A man consumed by vengeance realizes the futility of his quest. Viewer discretion is highly advised.

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