Trevor’s niece prepared a dance for her crush and the DJ didn’t play the correct song. Now Trevor is mad and he’s carrying a samurai sword. It’s an all night suburban quest for love and revenge.

Take out your blades and tunes because your about to go on one hell of a ride! A completely whacked out revenge ride, with an over presumptuous uncle who decides to claims justice be served on the DJ who didn’t play the correct song for his niece.

A story of love, loss, and freak dancing.

Patrick has been making commercials and kids content for a while and really felt like he hadn’t made anything that really represented his voice. This short came out of that frustration.

I wanted to make something that completely represented what I want to make as a writer and director. And I was stuck in traffic a lot listening to top 40 radio, where I fell in love with the song Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. So I sat down to write, totally ignoring any consideration for budget or logistics, and this is what came out. It was big and ambitious and weird, but that’s what excited me about it. A friend and I acted out the first draft on a park bench outside the mall in Burbank and I had so much fun I knew I had to make it. So I saved my money for a year, called in all my favors, and last spring we shot it. The rest of the year was spent on post and now it’s finally done. Rather than waiting on film festivals I decided to just put it out on the internet where I hope it finds an audience.

Elisha Yaffe stars (Time Travel Lover) as uncle Trevor and completely kicks his role out of the ball park! It’s as if Daryl stole Michonne’s Samurai sword and went on a pop music revenge spree. We feel like Elisha really understood all that, while Bella Shepard did her cute helpless teenage thing to a marvel. The characters wouldn’t of had their backbones without the glorious writing from Patrick.

We shot on a RED Dragon with Panavision Primo lenses. Panavision Hollywood was super supportive of this project and hooked us up with the gear. We had a steadicam for a total of 45 minutes, to do the shot of Trevor approaching the house and walking into the “ghosts” of himself. Otherwise we pretty much lived on a fisher dolly the entire time. We shot in 6K and the extra resolution came in handy for punching in on various shots if we ran out of time for close ups.