It's Your Call // Daily Short Picks

It’s Your Call

Over the course of one evening, Ava and Peter work through their long distance relationship through phone calls, texts, Skype, Facetime and social media, only to find that staying connected is part of what might force making the ultimate call.

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My Little Teddy Bear || Daily Short Picks

My Little Teddy Bear

My Little Teddy Bear is a comedy short about a girl struggling with the trials and tribulations of living in a long distance relationship. But in a twist of narrative, we discover that things aren’t exactly how they first appear. Starring Sally O’Leary, Ben Higgs and Robyn Hoedemaker.

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Residue of a Relationship | Short Film Trailer

The Residue of a Relationship

The Residue of a Relationship is a short film that looks at the leftovers of love and tries to piece together what it all means. It follows a real-world love story from its inception through to a conclusion in a thoroughly modern tale of romance in the 21st century. Filmmaker[…]

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Online Premiere | Lone


An astronaut embarks on a long-distance mission to find life on another planet. As he escapes earth’s atmosphere he ponders our place in the universe and what it might mean for humanity if he doesn’t find another form of life. “Lone” is a short film written and directed by Timothy[…]

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Dream of Me

May has the ability to dreamwalk but she doesn’t know it yet. Her long distance relationship boyfriend finds out about it and uses this magic to convince her to carry on the relationship.

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