Ben’s a hard-working designer who’s traveled to Los Angeles for a project. On a break he makes time for his long-distance relationship and finds himself questioning connection to anyone he cares about, as well his reality, through an eerily repetitive phone-call.

Director’s Vision for ‘Mirror Site’

MIRROR SITE was created out of the moment you realize you’re saying the same things you said in your last relationship, in your current relationship. And though you honestly believe the words you’re saying, it’s a weird moment to hear yourself say these things out loud, even though it’s totally human and normal.

I love these human moments, the split seconds of feeling that can last for hours and days, where we’re forced to reckon with time, our own time and to take it further, how we exist in the world.

I will then take these human moments and add what I call ’subtle sci-fi’, or what has been described as ‘Black Mirror Lite’; where something is happening that is clearly out of the ordinary, that isn’t really explained, it just is. The story then follows a character dealing with that and ideally, coming out of the other side having made a decision to better their life, rather than doom it into darkness.