A knotty love story.

A love story about books and bondage. Provocative, yet Fifty Shades smarter than…that other movie. A recent widow named Camille falls into a strange, long-distance courtship with a librarian named Delphine, her dead husband’s first wife. Drawing inspiration from Resnais, Sappho and “Eurotica” of the 1960s/70s, LIBRARY HOURS defies strict genre categorization while hypnotically blending themes of eros and pathos.

Director’s Vision

The film is a revisionist throwback to vintage erotica that favors empathy over objectification, and stylistic purpose over the male gaze. Too often I find popular media’s depictions of BDSM a bit nefarious, coercive, sex-negative, or otherwise puritanical. Instead, I invite viewers to ponder the characters’ sensual, and consensual, interplay of fantasy vs. reality.