2020 // Daily Short Picks


in the year 2020, a lone traveler journeys across the apocalyptic wasteland in search of the new world that lies beyond the wall. What he finds along the way might make his goal more trouble than it’s worth.

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Models of Thought // Daily Short Picks

Models of Thought

When Lola Van Vorst starts to experience universal doubt, she embarks on a journey to explain René Descartes’ famed philosophical proposition “I think, therefore I am”. Models Of Thought is an irreverent series of shorts in which models attempt to explain essential philosophical theories.

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Somewhere South // Daily Short Picks

Somewhere South

We follow the journey of Harry Robinson and Alen Van Rooyen as they create a balance between manmade shapes and organic materials on the South Devonshire coastline. Their philosophy is that ‘every board can carve its own path when crafted with passion and soul.’

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Freedom Song // Daily Short Picks

Freedom Song

Chris Robertson, a high school senior in Los Angeles, performs a powerful essay he wrote as he walks the empty hallways and classrooms of his high school. Shot on 35mm Kodak film in one continuous 4:10 second take, the film highlights topics of freedom and oppression while the visuals serve[…]

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Everything's Fine // Daily Short Picks

Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major

A musical comedy about a young woman at the onset of her “quarter life crisis,” following her existential journey though the various stages of anxiety in song and dance. Director’s Statement I don’t understand why we go through a “quarter-life crisis.” It’s not a thing. It’s not like getting your[…]

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The Dual // Daily Short Picks


BYT Journal, a new hub for creative experimentation, premiered its inaugural project this week on HYPEBEAST, “The Dual”, a study in mixed perspectives. The series challenges two filmmakers to film the same subject and create films that showcase their unique perspectives. For the first installment, creatives Harrison Boyce and Daniel[…]

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Richard // Daily Short Pick


To promote the novel ‘Richard’ (written by M.M. Visser and R. Hulshof), director Martijn Rijnberg, musician Roly Porter, and actor Leon Herbert (Alien 3) joined forces to create a teaser that shows what the mind is capable of and how you can be caught up in your story. Roly Porter[…]

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Reverie // Daily Short Picks

Reverie | Animated Short by ZOA Studio

Reverie is a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream. During the journey, the film takes us to various scenes and shows different environments providing peaceful, beautiful and weird versions of the same dream to underline the artist’s ability to do whatever we can think of in[…]

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Flight // Daily Short Picks

Flight- If Life Had a Safety Demonstration

Pulling apart the most recognized piece of choreography- the inflight safety demonstration to create an intimate journey of rebellion and finding your own voice against the boundaries of society. Director’s Statement I wanted to explore in a very abstract way the idea of conforming to gendered expectations and the mask[…]

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Girls Night // Daily Short Picks

Girls Night

A Woman’s Journey To Remember WTF Happened Last Night Director’s Statement We’ve all had a night like Katie’s. You wake up with that ball of shame tearing up your stomach, unable to remember where it came from or how it got there. You know you’ve done something horrible, but can’t[…]

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