A poetic visual journey unfolds through a day in the life of a New York female street artist and an immigrant.

I wrote this poem, August Stars, in 2018, marking three years since I had moved to the US, leaving my previous life behind. My friendships abroad were falling apart, and new ones had not yet formed. Later on, I began producing electronic music and incorporated this poem into an ambient techno track. Music became my home, a place where I could be myself, find peace, and connect with everything and everyone. It is not just a personal story but also is a way to resonate with those who’ve faced similar challenges.

The film features Alisa Seliverstova, also known as R.Doll, a fellow street artist and a dear friend, who shares a parallel journey of immigration, difficult marriage, divorce, moments of homelessness, and the pain of losing loved ones overseas without any chance to say last “goodbye”.

Our hope is that August Stars will provide a glimpse into the immigrant experience in New York, celebrating the resilience and strength of individuals who, like us, have embraced this dynamic city as their own. I have a deep love for New York, and after eight years, it has truly become my home, a place where we’ve lived, loved, and etched our stories onto the graffitied streets.