“STEPS” provides an introspective view of the journey of Derek Loccident, a former University of Central Oklahoma and Westmoore High School football player whose left foot was severed in a train accident in 2018. Rather than allow the tragedy to define or discourage him, Loccident took on the challenge of becoming a disabled track athlete needing a prosthetic blade as he trains in California focused on representing the United States in the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. A story of resilience presented entirely in his own words and perspectives, the film allows Derek to reflect on the adversity he has faced and how it has impacted his spirit for living and succeeding at an elite level of athletic performance. In his steps along the way, he also has realized the value of maintaining a simpler life and the importance of making good decisions.

Director’s Vision for ‘Steps’

“Steps” is presented entirely in Derek Loccident’s own words and perspectives. While Loccident is training at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center in an attempt to qualify for 2024 Paris Paralympic Games, the story is focused just as much on what he is trying to achieve as it is on his determination and courage. The cinematography brings the viewer intimately close to Loccident, who shares the story of his tragic accident, road to recovery and ambition for the future.