Kin // Daily Short picks


A depressed girl seeks companionship when her cousin comes into town for a funeral.

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Rust // Daily Short Picks


Anna. David. Two people with completely different backgrounds and personalities. Both heavily depressed. Their lives collide for a moment and when they separate again… “Rust” was made to highlight how depression sucks you in and follows you in your everyday life.

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AnimalsAnimalsAnimals // Featured Short Film


A depressed house husband decides to take a journey into the unknown world of his own backyard. Animals Animals Animals follows Andy, a depressed house husband, who decides to take a journey into the unknown world of his own backyard. Andy’s journey leads him to a drug induced revelation courtesy[…]

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Samantha Becoming || Daily Short Picks

Samantha Becoming

Sam, a depressed teenage girl, skips school to spend the day wandering Los Feliz and runs into her 30-year-old self, marking a quantum leap in her own becoming.

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Garbage Man || Daily Short Picks

Garbage Man

A depressed sanitation worker’s worst fears come true when a curse from a raccoon threatens to turn him into a literal garbage man. Director’s Statement I’d rather let the audience make up their own minds as to what a story is about. But… depression. It’s about depression. Probably. I don’t[…]

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Vatula - The Whirl Wind || Daily Short Picks

Vatula – The Whirl Wind

We all human beings do not carry anything while we take birth nor when we die on this planet. Even after knowing this universal reality, our eyes gets disillusioned by the web of material world which causes breakdown of emotions into our lives. As we grow old with time various[…]

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Downpour Summer || Daily Short Picks

Downpour Summer

A lonely and depressed man meets his half siblings for the first time after their shared biological father passes away. After bonding in the aftermath of his death, they must decide whether or not they would like to remain in each other’s lives.

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The Walk || Daily Short Picks

The Walk

A depressed 21 year old young male suddenly moves to San Francisco to escape his past.

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Disruption | Online Premiere


Jay is a depressed comic book designer who confuses the world of his comics and real life, with tragic consequences.

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