We all human beings do not carry anything while we take birth nor when we die on this planet. Even after knowing this universal reality, our eyes gets disillusioned by the web of material world which causes breakdown of emotions into our lives. As we grow old with time various types of material gets attached with human life during the phase that we live on this planet. But when those materials displaced by an inch from our lives, we feel very depressed or emotionally weak, perhaps inject a thought of suicide into our mind and we somehow doomed into the domain of emotional world.

Then we find ourselves in a strange space of that emotional world where we couldn’t differentiate between life and death. If we feel like to live or die, we couldn’t do either of them at times and that gives a very deep urge for cry. But unfortunately we cannot even cry out in those circumstances to release out our suppressed emotions. In a mental state like this our mind rage an upsurge of anger, sadness, depression, loneliness, anxiety, pain, confusion and many dejected thoughts and also got perplexed between the quest of right and wrong, which eventually makes our body and soul numb.

Similarly,in a state of nothingness the protagonist metaphorically contemplating a journey of plaintive and overwhelming memories which are constantly burgeoning in his turbulent mind caused by the loss of his loved one, way far from his reach.