Hell You Talmbout // Daily Pick

Hell You Talmbout

Ten years ago, Melba Ayco founded Northwest Tap Connection, a social justice oriented dance studio intentionally placed in the most dangerous part of Seattle so that it could serve as a hub and refuge for youth in the area. In the wake of the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando[…]

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The Choke // Daily Short Picks

The Choke

In the final hours before curtain up on opening night, a young male dancer, Simi, battles an inability to perform a dangerous dance move on his co-star, Alana, whom he’s also infatuated with. While his choreographer is pushing him to surrender to the violence of the act if the show’s[…]

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Dark at Sea // Daily Short Picks

Dark at Sea

An exploration of one man’s struggle with himself shot on 35mm motion picture film. “Dark at Sea” captures themes of frustration, defeat, and addiction to success through the movements of dancer Matthew Gibbs. Director’s Statement Dark at Sea started as a love letter to the ambitions and the payoffs that[…]

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Everything's Fine // Daily Short Picks

Everything’s Fine: A Panic Attack in D Major

A musical comedy about a young woman at the onset of her “quarter life crisis,” following her existential journey though the various stages of anxiety in song and dance. Director’s Statement I don’t understand why we go through a “quarter-life crisis.” It’s not a thing. It’s not like getting your[…]

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Sola // Daily Short Picks


Shot in Tijuana, Mexico over the course of three days with a Sony A7SII – Sola is a raw, candid portrait of a “stranger in a strange land.” The film follows Mimi Elashiry’s character as she wanders the city’s streets, clubs, beaches and back alleys. Mimi is far from home,[…]

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No, I Don't Want to Dance // Featured Short

No, I Don’t Want to Dance

A stop motion animated film which aims to raise awareness of how deadly dangerous dance can be These are dark times. The growing amount of political, social and environmental issues fill the agendas of millions of concerned people around the world. You may think that in our modern and thorough[…]

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Alba // Daily Short Picks

Alba – Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future

An intense, intimate and beautiful journey into the mind of Alba, a 16-year-old ballet dancer at the acclaimed Corella Dance Academy in Barcelona. Her inner thoughts start to question the life she is leading, her lost adolescence, and her place in the world. Director’s Statement I was really wary of[…]

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Breton Afternoon // Daily Short Picks

Breton Afternoon

An improvised dance performance by Tamisha Guy, based on an original musical composition itself adapting and inspired by Breton Afternoon, a poem by Ernest Christopher Dowson originally published in the late 19th Century.

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Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story // Short Film Trailer

Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story

“Just Dance: The Xoe Xapoian Story” is a short documentary film focusing on the life of Xoe Xapoian, an actress, model and dancer who lost her leg in an unfortunate car accident just one year ago. Drawing upon an inner reserve of strength, willpower and love, she has been able[…]

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The Ocean // Daily Short Picks

The Ocean

One woman’s universe expands the more she connects with her lover. An intimate lesbian love story told in contemporary dance, The Ocean celebrates love’s ultimate triumph over fear. Director’s Statement When Wallis first mentioned The Ocean – a new devotional song for her partner Tracey – I prodded her on[…]

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