In an abandoned structure, a mysterious rope tethers itself to a sleeping soul. He awakens and embarks on a journey to see where the connection leads him. Step by step, our soul discovers that he is not alone: he is connected to a girl asleep in a similar ruin.

He tries to wake her up. But she remains unresponsive. Discouraged, the soul gives up and decides to leave. As he reaches to untie their glowing connection, he is stopped by a gentle tug.

The girl awakens and carefully pulls at the rope, taking a step toward him. Filled with a newfound sense of vitality, he does the same. Step by step, pull by pull, the two draw each other closer. When their hands finally touch, they converge into a long embrace, which gives away to a partnered rhythmic dance.

They get more and more embroiled in each other and at the climax of their celebrated movements, they slowly power down again except this time, they do so together.

What is Convergence about

We are all tied to our pasts. Parts of us remain tethered in these subconscious spaces, reminding us of better times and fonder memories amidst the hardships we may face in the present. The question of how we can hold on to hope, given the events of the past few years, has been on everyone’s minds. There’s no clear answer, other than the comfort of knowing that this is a universal question, and a universal struggle. Because through all the loss, yearning, loneliness, and despair, the push and the pull, all we have left is each other. Right as we’re about to give up and untie ourselves, we can find solace in someone or something tugging us back in. This notion is what makes Convergence incredibly intimate. It was born and constructed from the co-directors’ personal relationship with each other, and consequently explores the beauty of human connection through its many subliminal trials and tribulations. We need more narratives that detach themselves from this burden of interpreting the times, to focus on those of universal hope. To remind ourselves of the intangible beauty of human connection, love, and acceptance. And Convergence does exactly that.

Director’s Vision for ‘Convergence’

Convergence grapples with fear, loss, and ultimately, connection, but the film is also deeply personal to our relationship. We had collaborated creatively before, but when we decided to co-direct this project, we were actually coming out of this awkward period of distance. Neither of us could understand why our friendship had fizzled out. We decided to reconnect and slowly started to piece it all together, together.

And so we began this process of equal exchange, of contributing, disputing, and building, and this beautiful thing happened! We realized that our experience of ambiguous loss and hurt is a universal feeling. Much like a home, even after it falls into a period of neglect and abandonment, there could be a strong foundation to rebuild upon again. The question is one of time and willingness.

The more we rebuilt our relationship, the more convergence itself was built. It was a completely new experience of artistic method. We leaned away from a traditional literal narrative and more towards an experimental style of filmmaking using allegorical expression. Our use of abandoned locations, dystopian art design, purposeful VFX, fluid camera movements, and an emphasis on contemporary movement and expression as a form of communication allowed for a fluid and inclusive visual language.

Throughout production, we were fortunate enough to work with a fantastic ensemble of incredibly talented creatives to contribute to this auteur method of “empathy art.” We were able to facilitate an intimate atmosphere with a very small crew: just the two of us, our highly intuitive gimbal extraordinaire of a cinematographer Tony, and our eclectic dystopian costume designer (& rope wrangler) Sia. Our two incredible contemporary dancers, Sean and Anya, were able to take our direction and completely transform the emotional progression through their application of dance improvisation. In post, we worked for months with soulful and hard-working musicians; Pius, Erika, and Irlaith, to create a lyrical score based off of a poem we wrote.
Everything about Convergence was about coming together and solving problems collaboratively, even in making it. Ultimately, this is a story of hope, and the beautiful power of what humans can do when they unite.