A woman praises and grieves the passing of a loved one through dance.

Director’s Vision for ‘Alabanza a los muertos (praise for the dead)’

In Latin American culture “Alabanzas” means praise, worship. This can be done through prayer, song, hymns, and sometimes even dance to the almighty. I originally created this piece as a response to the violent 2020 protests that erupted in Colombia; a place close to my heart. I realize now, that the film is my longing to find a semblance of peace against the ubiquitous violence in the world. For the souls lost and the families torn in our societal mental breakdown.

I wanted to interpret this idea of “alabanza” not only to God but for the dead lost through the emotional expression of dance. “Alabanza a Los Muertos” is my response to our communal grief and suffering. On the edge of the ocean, in the twilight of the day, when the soul of the deceased is crossing over, our dancer finds peace through this dance praising the dead.