Open and close. A shared spiritual engagement between a boy and the Swallow.

Director’s Vision for ‘Swallow Dance’

“Swallow Dance” is an honest expression of a personal healing journey and what that process might feel like. It’s filled with subtle bits of symbolic visual languages that, while they might not necessarily reach all audiences, carry a lot of weight to me. They’re metaphors for my own attempts at how I see and experience this seemingly never-ending work of letting go and moving on. During the creative process of making this film I wanted to be sincere with how I approached it mentally and emotionally, and there was always the question of whether the film needs more or that parts of it aren’t perfect. Ultimately the experience of putting in the work with integrity was what mattered the most to me, just as it is with doing our own shadow work, and I hope that can resonate across to viewers at least a little bit.