Follow the story of a seasoned nude model as she navigates the serene landscapes of her mind through the session of croquis, only to be disrupted by the unexpected arrival of a new participant.

“Colisão” is a beautifully crafted exploration of the intricate dance between internal comfort and external confrontation, offering a glimpse into the complex emotions that surface when the boundaries of one’s sanctuary are unexpectedly tested.

In this balance between vulnerability and connection, our short film invites you to explore the subtle nuances of perception, the enchanting beauty of self-discovery, and the unspoken language that intertwines two souls in the most unexpected of places.

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Director’s Vision for ‘Collision’

Colisão explores the emotional explosion that can happen when two people meet.

With no words and only the tools of true cinema it expresses those subtle but strong feelings we feel when we are taken by surprise by a new encounter.

The cinematography follows the models state of mind. As the perspective shifts to her internal world the camera mimics the different states of her meditative experience.

As her focus gets disrupted as the new person enters, she is fighting to get back in flow.

Finally, as she collapses the camera movements shift to rough handheld movement symbolizing that she has taken a hit mentally.