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A boy was born in a wrinkle between the waves of light and dark. His brain became stuck there, his eyes changed color. This is what his filter makes him see.

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I Fell For You

An abstract poem about a destructive relationship shared between two young women.

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PRISM | Featured Short Film


Dan Warner is a desaturator, tasked with sapping beauty from the world in a future where Color is used as energy. PRISM is the end result of an ambitious collaboration between director Jackson Miller, producer Matt Rebong and VFX artists David Reynolds and Chris Purse. A gripping film with beautiful[…]

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“Chromaticity” – The quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength and its purity. An ethereal flight over the ocean as mysterious colored smoke leaves its mark across the sky. A beautiful choreography between four drones simultaneously in flight and hundreds of smoke grenades. Watch the behind the[…]

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Film Shortage Design Update

What’s New on Film Shortage’s New Design Update?

As you may have noticed last week, Film Shortage looked a little different with an all new design update. Sometimes people can get scared of change, but we’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – every single change has been made with you in mind.[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Color of Sight

The Color of Sight

The Color of Sight explores visual perception. MattKleiner.com instagram.com/matt_kleiner_ BrittanyElizabethWilliams.com instagram.com/brittanyelizw JustinKleiner.com

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Forest Lights

Alone in a petrified, long dead forest, a strange creature looks for a last spark of life… The film was inspired by the longing for spring and a research on simplicity of shape and color. I wrote it and directed and did all the CG myself. The amazing composer Steve[…]

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My Forgotten Friend

Our dear Amelie loves to draw her imaginary friend. One night, she wishes that her friend would be more than just a drawing. Little did she know, her simple wish may lead her somewhere she never thought she could venture to. facebook.com/MyForgottenFriend

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Home Sweet Home | Featured Short Film

Home Sweet Home

A house escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey. Home Sweet Home indulges the power that animated films can have on us. Created by a team of 4 student animators from France; Stephane Paccolat, Alejandro Diaz, Pierre Clenet and Romain Mazevet, the film mesmerizes us[…]

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Zerogon | Featured Short Film


A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world. Don’t ever let yourself become mesmerized by your own artwork. A quote from a professor that Joshua Planz and John Mattiuzzi based their incredible and expressive short film on. After that Joshua and[…]

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