A woman on the run goes to a 24 hour barbershop to get a midnight makeover and befriends a 16 year old barber’s apprentice

Everything good has to come to an end. ‘In Color’ is the last of six films created by filmmaking trio Andrés Cardona, Hunt Beaty and Wesley Wingo, and we are truly sad and excited to have this final one up. Like all the other five films; Into Quiet, The Sound of Your Voice, Sundays, F*ck Bunny and Pay Pig, this latest short helmed by Andrés Cardona drives a unique, bizarre and isolated story solidified by its disgruntled characters.

Like all of our shorts in the Six Short Films project, “In Color” was largely reverse-engineered. I’ve been getting my haircut by Eric Aleman at King of Kings Barbershop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, since 2012. While sitting in the chair one day last fall, I casually asked Eric if he’d let me shoot something in his shop.

Since King of Kings is closed on Sundays, I knew we could do two overnight shoots without interrupting his business. From there, I started asking myself why a barbershop would open in the middle of the night and tried to build a world from there.

The end of an era indeed, thank you Hunt, Andrés and Wesley for the wonderful experiences. We truly hope to see more ambitious project in the future from you guys.