“Color of November” is a contemporary portrait of the relationship between two young women in the month of November in Poland. It is a hybrid narrative-doc short that explores cross border perspectives on the relationship between identity, space and memory in the post globalization era.

The film was born out of a chance encounter with two women, Zuzanna and Emilia, at different times of the same night in a bar in Bydgoszcz, Poland. I was visiting from India and had never been to Europe before. In Bydgoszcz, the bars don’t close until the customers leave; at 9AM in the morning, a drunk Zuzanna tells me, “you know how everyone keeps saying that our generation does not know how to live in the present? That we’re on our phones all the time documenting everything around us? I think that my situation is the complete opposite. I live too much in the present and forget to take pictures. Later, when I look back, I am not sure if any of those moments ever happened.” There was an immediate connection and the result was this film.