A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, believed to have deadly side effects.

The Signal is an ambitious short film from director Markus Stokes, who took on the mission to create the most “Hollywood-like” science fiction film. To achieve this Markus gathered talented VFX artists from all around the world, including Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Germany and the US.

Markus received the help and collaboration of several industry professionals including Michael Ealy from Fox show Almost Human, composer Bear McCreary (Walking Dead, Agents of Shield), DP Larry Blanford, and sound editor Stephen Hunter Flick (Raiders of the Lost Arc).

I’m always excited, inspired and encouraged when I see big Hollywood folks giving back to people coming after them.

This entire team brings together a believable science fiction short of its level, which on its own is a near impossible mission. The surreal powers and laws of physics at moments are interestingly managed and displayed to keep the film on the ground, leaving room for mystery and the unanswered.

The Signal is just an intro to something much bigger, and by the end of the short, you are itching for more.