A heartbroken actress goes to an audition and begins to unravel.

The film is about what happens when the inner world of a character accidentally spills out. The character has kind of been tap-dancing over her problem, pretending she’s fine. But the real stuff finds a way to come out. It’s a shame it didn’t come out in a pub with a mate, but that’s how it happened. Starring Rachel Stubbings in a masterful performance, ironically in a film about an actress breaking down during an audition. Perhaps its the ease to relate from the actress that brought out such a heartfelt performance, but it also connected the audience profoundly.

When I wrote the script and sent it to Rachel (the lead) she was weirdly going through something similar. So she was like ‘yes, I can play this person’. Shooting the film was interesting. We were doing these long takes, watching the actress unravel over and over, and I was like ‘shit, is this more sad than funny?’ It was a fine line to walk, but exciting to do. We threw jokes out so it felt more real and uncomfortable.

The film was shot on an Alexa Arri and hand held, in order to respond to the performance. Director Craig Ainsley says “the idea was to let Rachel do whatever she felt like doing as the monologue spilled out, and we’d react to that.” They stuck to one rule to let the camera technique mirror the internal world of the character.