When several jaded filmmakers tire of the hard work needed to make a film, they turn to the part of the process they enjoy the most… auditions.

Here’s a short film that should in general please filmmakers, because most of us can completely relate to it. So make sure you turn on your sense of humor and put away your Screen Actors Guild rights pamphlet before watching this!

Throng is a short documentary, or rather a mockumentary, created by a group of filmmakers that have been struggling with the amount of work involved in creating feature films. While going through the process of auditioning for their film Bad Signs (casting Ron Jeremy), the team realized how much they loved that part of the film making process, getting to meet all sorts of new interesting people. They joked around about how they should stop making movies and just audition people as friends, and that sparked the initial thoughts for Throng.

The only compromise I would have for this film, and I say this to anything above 15 minutes, is that it’s too long. The film could of easily squeezed down to under 15 minutes which would of made for a more dynamic doc. Still works fine as a 20 minute doc, but my theory will always be shorter is better in the online world. This being said,

Throng remains a brilliant film to my eyes, it’s funny, corky and outrageous! And the further into it you get the more outrageous it becomes, I was LOLROTF’in for the last 5 minutes!

Auditions are fun, and easy!