After Esra misses her train late one evening, a discarded, living Rubik’s cube tries tries to get her attention in an attempt to get solved.

This simple story set in an every day setting can easily become one of the most profound film’s we’ve seen all year. ‘Scrambled‘ tackles a very modern social dilemma by bringing in an old discarded Rubik’s cube – but it’s in the emotions carried through this blocky toy that the film really comes to life.

Scrambled started as a small side project inbetween more ambitious (short film) projects intended to further develop our visual style and production pipeline, as well as giving interns a fun project to work on during their stay. The original idea called for a running time of around 2 minutes and would be nothing more than a few cute scenes centered around the cube moving and drawing attention to itself. During early development we quickly found there was a more substantial story to the concept of a discarded and forgotten mechanical rubik’s cube in a world full of digital distraction, and the project quickly became a fully fledged short.

Scrambled‘ works around a beautiful and distinctive visual style, created in most part in Maya and Nuke, alongside 2D and editing software. Building around a few key moments, the story is able the capture the audience’s hearts while also making them feel self-conscious.