A breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconsciousness of a drug overdosed girl.

Endtrip will make you want to overdose. The animated short film that shows the effects of drugs from the perspective of a girl who overdoses. The exploration into the girl’s drug-induced hallucinations pulls you into mind-expanding worlds through its stereoscopic 3D images and together with the protagonist we explore her inner most thoughts and feelings.

The idea started off with 3 guys curious about the mysterious world of hallucinations and turned into an exhilarating visual journey into the abyss of a drugged mind.

The focus lies on an artistic impression of the drug-fueled trip, offering a glimpse into what we think such an event could look like. The wonderful music and sound design perfectly complements the unique visual style that together tell a story of euphoria, fear, life and death. Reality and fantasy become intertwined into a dream where nothing is as it seems and we can only expect the unexpected.

The blazing trip cleverly brings you through highs and lows of the subconscious mind.