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Still Falls The Rain

In the gritty streets of wartime 1940s London, Stanley, a homeless boy, is caught stealing food from a bombed house – at a time when looting could warrant the death penalty.

Still Falls The Rain is a gripping visual short film produced by visual effects artist Miguel Santana as a degree film at the University of Hertfordshire. Set in the war times of the 1940s, where a homeless boy is caught stealing food from an abandoned bombed house in the gritty streets of London, at a time when looting could warrant the death penalty.

My degree was in Visual Effects, rather than a straight Film course, so I needed to create a piece with plenty of room for VFX. However, I didn’t like the idea of creating a film around the visual effects, but felt much more attracted to the idea of creating a great story that merely needed some Visual Effects to help it come to life.

In total 38 shots required visual effects, which were all created by Miguel on top of directing the entire film. On first view the effects seem localized to just a couple of scenes, but after watching the VFX breakdown you get simply blown away at how much visual work has been made to turn London into the gritty wartime city it once was.

Shot on the Red Epic & Arri Ultraprime lenses. The musical score was recorded with a 40-piece orchestra, which is why Still Falls the Rain is best experienced in HD, full volume, and fullscreen!


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