In a weak and ruling society, not far from today’s world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered.

Redeem is an inspirational proof of concept film that thrives on ambition. For Swedish director Dennis Peterson, his inspirations came from seeing people starving to see content that spoke to them, just as they did with Ripley in The Alien, where almost after 35 years, stands considered as one of the best female protagonists of all time.

“REDEEM The Beginning” came from wanting to make a film about a female hero that people felt authentic and true and with the focus on making REDEEM an International production. 
But everyone turned down the short film script for funding, saying the things We expected: Its not possible to make this in Sweden, its not art house enough, it’s to commercial. In the end, We knew we had to found it with our own savings and time. It became a Zero budget production.

The film was first of its kind in the Scandinavian countries with full contact fighting, with actress Moa Malan training for 7 months in martial arts with the world champion Johan Skålberg. Dennis’ vision was to not just make a cool action packed movie but really to try to elicit emotions within 15 minutse To make the proof-of-concept a teaser a pallet of feelings and emotions to move you to get you excited to see the feature film. 

The idea was the see every fighting scene as a ballet dance so being apart of making the fighting scenes together with the choreographer became crucial. Using this approach ment that they could almost do every scene blindfolded. So every scen was shoot as an ”one take” thus enhancing the realism. Because we where not using stunt doubles and it was full contact fighting it was really important that the actress and the fighter knew in forehand when and where every strike was coming. This made it possible for ut to take wide shoots and se the impact of the blows.