The cycle of desire between two lovers. The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end.

Images blend into each other seamlessly, both from low to high desire and from high to low desire,
along with the music that goes both ways too, following the principle of a palindrome. Somewhere in the world, a boy and a girl meet, get to know each other, get closer and closer, finally becoming physically one.

At the moment they climax, the movie suddenly starts going backwards, playing all the way back to the start. Their desire drops, they disunite, they split, they break up, in a strictly reversed editing until the very first image.

Shot after shot, WOW develops a whole range of colors that emphasize the different stages of passionate love.

The concept of WOW came to us following a conversation about how love and desire can vanish just as they appear

With such a deep message on a rather simplistic concept, strains such importance to every single shot in the film, which was wonderfully respected by filmmaking duo Chic & Artistic. An eagerly toned visual experience that will make you look backwards on your relationships.