Whilst in Barcelona on a temporary writing assignment, Julia beds a tall dark stranger to find herself with more than what she bargained for – a serious relationship.

The ingredients are all set to create the rather clichéd storyline; a single woman meeting an estranged tall-dark haired man in a foreign romantic city. But director Alex Burunova gives us a rather unique perspective and an exquisitely refreshing directional take by combining philosophical theories in a romantic setting.

For someone who travels a lot, the world can be a lonely place. Settings change, people come and go, things pass.

While visiting Barcelona, I became fascinated with Spanish culture, food, energy… people’s ability to live and enjoy this human experience, connect and appreciate one another. Their spiritedness and appetite for the present moment.

I started thinking about impermanence.

We spend all our time worrying about the future or regretting our past, that we forget that all we really have – is what’s going on right now. Everything ends and all we have is this present instant.

What if we applied this to love? Since nothing is permanent, love will also inevitably end. What happens if we give in to that fact… Would we love more? Would it be more intense? Would we be able to let go of our fears? Fear of commitment? Fear of trusting another person? Would we learn to love in the moment?

This film is my exploration and my love letter to Barcelona.

With such a high emphasis on living in the moment, Burunova does a great job at highlighting emotional states and the evolution along with the magical moments in an early relationship. The film was shot on Arri Alexa and they were fortunate to get the color correction done by the colorist of Game of Thrones and sounds designed at Warner Brothers Sound – on their best equipment.