A teenage boy experiences heartbreak for the first time.

Meat is wonderfully toned and temporally shot film. A great structure and character balance with an interesting development on a character that turns out even stranger than believed.

We were very lucky with all the meat that was collected by art department. Most of it was discounted or gifted to us, and the goose was shot that very morning by an Air Canada pilot I had met a week before who went hunting in Ontario and drove back to deliver us the fresh bird that very morning. Talk about lucky.

I had been playing with the script for 5 years and decided it was finally time I made a short with real production value and played my first festival. Out of all my shorts this was the one that I kept coming back to, so it was an easy decision to make. I saw Ben on stage at the National Theatre School’s showing of ‘Our Country’s Good” and within 2 minutes of him stepping on stage, I turned to my friend and told her I had found my lead.