The tale of a put upon, alcoholic gardener named Gustavo Jimenez who finds out he comes from a long line of Luchador masked superheroes in Yuma, Arizona.

I thought that a little laughter won’t hurt this week, and this is exactly what Kevin Beauchamp brought to the table; a comical story combining superhero with a Mexican Luchador and an abrasive grandmother.

This far-fetched idea started off as a fake trailer that Kevin and his old partner created for a TV show they developed around the idea of creating fake trailers and unifying said trailers by genre each week. Kevin then expanded on the idea and created a full short to garner interest in the concept to either do the full length feature or develop it as a TV show.

Kevin managed to get several experienced actors such as Alexis Cruz (Stargate), Julia Vera (Blow, The X-Files, & the upcoming Aztec Warrior), & George Ortuzar. The music was also well themed by musicians Mando Lopez (The Breeders, Fear), Andrea Bulletti (King Cotton), & Martin Aguilera.

The film, which has a TV series feel to it, brings together a good laugh, which needs to be watched with an open sense of humor, and the overall believable acting helps move the short forward. However, for a short film the movie is a little too long to keep most on-liner’s attention throughout, this length would work well in a theater, but an abbreviated version should have been edited for online viewing. The lengthiness lets the story drag more than it should without a sufficient plot or subplot, especially in the development of the villain, who seems to have an unjustified motivation. But like most comedies, we watch them mainly to get a laugh and Muy Macho succeeds in writing up punchy lines that are well converted from the actors. The special effects are also well coordinated and can easily compared to most television action shows on today.