Roar is a film about people with extraordinary powers. Powers they spend their lives battling to control and which ultimately consume them.

‘Roar’ is a supernatural drama that blemishes us with its generational bonds and disconnects. It is a grounded take on the superhero genre, told through real themes and experiences. This fresh take on the genre created by Stuart Langfield & Dylan Rekert sets us in an incredible atmospherical and vivid environment.

Before starting we had no pre-conceived ideas about the film we wanted to make. We both had certain ideas we wanted to explore but weren’t really sure how to share our visions or how we would potentially tie them together. So we decided to each create a mood board, to visually map out what we were thinking. We were kind of surprised to see that our boards were eerily similar. We both had elements of fire, an elderly character, an old car – it was almost like we had a vaguely similar story in our heads that just needed some background. The more we discussed our boards, the more our themes began to refine themselves.

The music in the film plays a tremendous role at setting the mood and atmosphere, adding to the powerful cinematography that hints a great awareness to everything in the surroundings.

Stuart and Dylan got in very deep and opened themselves and the audience up to great possibilities, and they certainly see the full potential in it just as we do.

I think the ultimate success of the film is the world we managed to convey. We perhaps tried to squeeze too much into a short film, but we’d love to explore the characters and themes we created in a longer story.

But until then we got this 13 minute glorious brain boggler that will leave a tingly buzz through your body.