A comedy about a superhero and her insecure boyfriend. After a botched laser eye surgery, Jess, an unassuming 29-year-old, becomes a superhero overnight

This is the story of Jess’ boyfriend, Mike, who can’t handle his girlfriend’s newfound success of becoming an overnight superhero. It stars Ben Rameaka (Wolf of Wall Street), Allie Gallerani, and Erin Darke (Dietland, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).

Directed by Daniel Hurwitz, the idea for ‘Jess’ was inspired by a conversation he had with his girlfriend. Being understandably nervous the night before her laser eye surgery, she asked him if she would still date him if she went blind. Her anxiety made Daniel wonder: “What if the laser eye surgery somehow gave her superhuman eyesight? Would she still date me?”

Women outperform men in school at every level, and more women than ever before make more money than their male partners. Meanwhile, even the most enlightened men are trapped by an outdated model of masculinity, where their manliness stems from their strength or power over others. I wanted to create a comedic short that explores what happens in a modern, hetero-relationship when the man’s traditional idea of masculinity is threatened. The short aims to show the jealousy, insecurity, and other psychological, emotional and interpersonal issues that surface when your girlfriend becomes a hero overnight – or more successful than you in any way.