MORE is a story of craving for life, where the hunger of feeling alive meets the desire to possess the whole everything. And more.

We all want a little more. The folks at Double Vision gave us a small taste of what a whole lot more feels like. Extremely short and dynamic, ‘More’ is highly aesthetic and intense on feelings, without holding a specific storyline. Shot in Milan and Piedmond, Italy, in September 2020 in the ease of the pandemic.

More shots

About ‘More’ and Where it Came From

Director Stefano Lari, who wrote and directed the short films, came up with “More” idea a couple of years ago. Stefano is a full-time member of our company (“Double Vision – Film and More”) and we were looking for original ideas to invest in a self-produced project, more personal and creative, with no commitment to an agency or a client.

Double Vision is a production company based in Milan, Italy. Created by myself, Matteo Alberti, and Fabrizio De Matteis. Fabrizio and I, we are both directors and photographers; we co-directed most of our projects, during the years we filmed in music videos, commercial, branded content, and documentaries.

We started working with Stefano a few years ago on single projects; after a few months then we asked him to join our team full-time.

More Shots

Pace and the sense of desire

Running just under two minutes, the film bathes us in stylized settings and high fashion. It comes to no surprise that its creation comes from the fashion capital of the world. But without a defined storyline, director Stefano Lari bets highly on pace and the sense of desire. Sharp design elements swiftly turns the short two-minute video into an art piece.

After “More” was presented to us, we called all the friends and professionals we usually work with and ask them to help us with the project; they participated with enthusiasm, and each one of them added great value to the short film and to the pictures (in particular, the stylist Elena Monti @elenamontistylist, did an incredible job bring her unique style to each scene). The pictures are part of “More” project and were taken by Fabrizio and me.

The original shoot was planned for March 2020, but then the pandemic suddenly exploded putting Italy in lock down. The year was really tough for us but in the central months of the year the situation slightly improved, so we decided not to postpone the project anymore. Fabrizio and I (this time as executive producers), strongly believed in this project, realizing that getting it done could be quite cathartic during an unprecedented year.

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