Discover a world where concerns and fears dissolve into the mysterious depth of the polluted blue sea

What if plastic could be integrated into sea life? The Beauty directed by Pascal Schelbli is a poetic journey through the oceans, which are simultaneously stunning and filthy. At first, the film may have some striking similarities to another award-winning animated short ‘Hybrids‘. But Pascal assures that it’s pure coincidence as ‘The Beauty’ was already half way through production when ‘Hybrids’ was released. Furthermore Pascal adds that although both films have a similar concept, the story is told in a very different way. And more than anything, we don’t think it’s something we should be tired of hearing or seeing. Especially when a film can be as captivating as this one.

The trigger to do this film was obviously our massive plastic pollution issue, which we all have to deal with these days. But, instead of showing another mournful stomach full of plastic bags, I thought, “What if plastic could be integrated into the sea life and nature would solve the problem by itself? So the film takes you on a journey, where all our feelings of guilt should disappear but instead we wake up and realize that we need to change something.

Dive into the Making of The Beauty