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Early to work one morning, Aiden happens upon illegal activities purveyed by his employer and is drawn into a brutal fight for his life and the safety of his family.

You might remember the ‘Construct‘ trailer from back in 2014, where it also reached our Top 5 of the year. We finally have the full film, and it’s absolutely mind blowing. Directed by Kevin Margo, a VFX supervisor that has worked on some of our favourite film and video game cinematics, brought a completely new game plan to the VFX workflow.

Where ‘Construct‘ truly shines apart is not in its storyline or grandiose Sci-Fi setting, but rather in its technology used to create the film. Kevin partnered with Chaos Group, BOXX and NVIDIA to create a game-changing live-action CGI mirror production.

Watch these quick videos to get a better idea of the groundbreaking work.

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