A curious shopping cart collector investigates a suspicious knife sharpening truck and its owner after a string of brutal murders occurs in his suburban town.

A soft and curious film that edges on character development with simple cinematic progressions. Starring Paul Castro Jr, Chloe Levine, Marc Menchaca and Peter Friedman, director Aaron David DeFazio really embraced the small town suburbia through his lens and parking lot story about Ryan, a curious young shopping cart collector.

Knives | Featured Short Film

Trapped in his mundane parking lot, Ryan is the smartest one in the whole store – but has no other audience than Devin, his kinda-cute coworker. His home life is no better. The son of a single father Highway patrolman, Ryan and his dad are mutually aloof. A mysterious utility truck arrives in his parking lot carrying a mysterious man living within. This man, Clinton, is a knife sharpener, traveling town to town. Enlisting his dismissive co-worker and eventually his reluctant dad, Ryan spearheads his own investigation into the cagey vagrant.

After being gifted the film stock for this project, I really wanted to make a film that focused on camera progression and shot making.

Shot on 35mm Kodak 250D Aaton Penelope 2 perf, the film carries an unmistakeable nostalgic cinematic look, that paces wonderfully with carefully scripted storyline that will leave on the mellow edge until the end – with a brain picker of an ending.