A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.

Wire Cutters is a sci-fi fable about competition and greed. The film introduces a lovable rover character that is a charming mix between Opportunity and Wall.E, or perhaps a predecessor in between. Created by animator Jack Anders through thousands of hours of labour for an undergraduate thesis film.

This film was my undergraduate thesis at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. I wanted to tell a story with a universal message about how people fall out of friendships. I’ve always been a big fan of fables and westerns, Ultimately, I decided to just replace cowboys with robots and gold with green glowing gems.

Jack lures us in with simple recognizable emotions and gestures that makes us fall in love with the quirky rover, and deepening his character through built friendships. ‘Wire Cutters’ is a pure joy to watch, and despite the monotone setting of the deserted planet, the two robots bring in plenty of life to fill in the film.