Imagine a world without water. Surfing in the most unexpected of regions on our planet, the desert.

‘Antonym – Beyond The Waters’ explores the momentums of surfing but also our dependency on our oceans. This gravity defying experimental film by good friends Freshteh Piltan & Johan Perjus was created as a part of the O’Neill Unreasonable Film Festival – where 6 filmmakers were challenged to rethink an entire genre of film. It may be a commercially sponsored film, but its got a whole lot of innovative creativity which is what we look for in our films.

The film came about as O´Neill called out to different directors to pitch on their take and challenge to rethink an entire genre of film – surffilms. What is the future and what could be done that had not been. Six filmmakers would be chosen to take part in  their upcoming filmfestival “Unreasonable Surf Film Festival” and ours was chosen as one. Johan and I being old friends and surfers we really took this idea to our hearts. Almost everyone who worked on it with us was part as a passion project.

Despite being only a couple of minutes long, the incredible and surreal imagery captures our attention from beginning to end without flinching. Surfilm has certainly been rewritten, and we encourage you to watch all the other 5 Unreasonable selections.