What would happen if the biggest asshole in the world won the lottery?

A dark comedy about what happens when the world’s biggest asshole wins the lottery. ‘Winners’ is a pisser from beginning to end, and the type of film that makes you realize how horrible you are as a person when you laugh at people being jackasses. Other than that there is little moral value that the film hands out, and it’s totally fine. Director Dan Bulla is able to drive the story through its harsh comedy, and its punctuated reactions brilliantly delivered by Tim Simon.

Starring Tim Simons (VEEP). Written and directed by Dan Bulla. Produced by Chris Stone, Jay Ashenfelter, and Snacktime Productions. Shot by Sam Kretchmar. For me, it’s a story about how people basically stay the same no matter what happens to them. When our hero thinks he’s had an incredible stroke of good fortune, he continues to act like the same jerk he always was. And later, when he’s saved by an actual miracle, he’s still such a jerk he doesn’t even stop to think how lucky he actually is! He’s incapable of being a better man. He deserves nothing, and he gets nothing!