A short interrogative thriller based on the popular comic book hero Wolverine as a young teenager

A neat little short film that captures a moment in the almost unknown past of one of our favorite Marvel comic book characters, Wolverine. The short does not inform or develop much on the past of the character, but rather shows us a moment in his difficult teenage life, being held captive and interrogated about who he is and what he can do. The young mutant seems confused himself until the captors decide to get violent on him.

‘Logan’ was created by two young Swedish filmmakers Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft, which put a Scandinavian spin on the origin of Wolverine. The two long-time superhero fanatic friends came up with the idea because they thought Hugh Jackman was great in the X-Men films, and felt that there was something special about Wolverine, and that something needed to be shown from his dark past.

The film was shot, edited and color graded in Sweden, while the music and sound design was done by S. Peace Nistades and his team at Alkaloide Music Productions in Los Angeles, CA.

We worked with a great team of collaborators. Some inexperienced and others with many years of experience, working on films like “Hellboy 2“, “Ninja Assassin” or the “Dragon Age: Redemption” series. The team consists of people from Sweden, USA, Norway, Portugal and India. Without the use of the internet and social media, Logan wouldn’t be the same.

Our only concerns from the film are that we felt like the environment should have been just as dark as the character and the story, something that could have been done easily with some lighting and added shadings and contrasts in the post production. And also a light-haired Swedish looking Logan conflicted with his northern Canadian ruggedness we always perceived him as. I would still imagine him as a hairy beast at 12 years old. Nonetheless the actors did a great job, including the captors, and we give much credit to the directors who dared to get into the unknown past of a well-known and loved superhero.

The short comes at the brink of a new Wolverine movie (The Wolverine) starring Hugh Jackman again. If your a fan this short will certainly give you a slice of his past!

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