A documentary short about a Muay Thai boxer gaining in popularity quickly. Everyone in the streets seems to be talking about him

The genre should read Docu-Drama, or a Faux-Doc. Either way this short is an interesting spin on the genre about a Muay Thai fighter in France who is beginning to become popular,  everyone in the streets is talking about him.

Real Fighter is directly inspired from his favorite movie ‘District 9‘,  director Kendy Ty created this film in a documentary style with nothing more than a Canon 550d and a couple of friends.  Being a huge fan of the comic book Watchmen, Kendy also wanted to incorporate the dark heroic ambiance from his favourite comic book by Alan Moore.

“I wanted to recreate the very 80’s ambiance and tell the story of a rather normal superhero being born, with no real superpowers”

The film repeatedly hints at superhero-inspired references, starting with the logo which has the same graphic style as Watchmen.  When the hero is taping his hands at home, he is listening to “Watchmen Hero” by Wu Tang Clan and the punching bag scene is a reference of Captain America in the Marvel’s The Avengers movie.

“The goal was to believe it was a real documentary and drag the small details, that can have a second reading, and take their real sense once the twisted ending is known.”

Although very referential, the film remains very original and entertaining piece of work with a lovely twist at the end. Another great example of what can be done with no budget and a bit of creativity.


You can also see clips of Real Fighter in Film Shortage’s ‘This Is Who We Are’ Trailer