A poetic narrative about urban vs rural living, identity and belonging. Two people discuss why no other place on earth could ever be home.

A lovely short film that takes us on two extremes of the world, with two completely opposite people explaining why their home is the best place to live and how they are attached to it.

Andrew MacCormack directed ‘Here and Away’ and was produced by his French-Canadian wife Julie Houde. Filmed with a Canon 5D and 7D, Andrew created this short only with things he was able to carry on his back.

After spending 6 weeks traveling there (China) I returned home to Atlantic Canada and remember reading a story of a man who never left Prince Edward Island, my home province. This was fascinating. How is this possible? Tragic but yet very admirable. I then thought of the millions and billions of people who live in big cities throughout China and the world, many of whom never leave their city.

Simple, calm and touching, strong words chosen by an old man living on a small island in Prince-Edward-Islands, Canada, and a young female living in the fast pace city life of Shanghai, China. The stories are brought together by voice overs from the two individuals, with visuals of them standing firmly and comfortably on what they like to call home. Wonderful close ups and expressions make this even more personal than the words already make it. Stunning time lapses complete the visuals and help us understand why they each love where they live so much.