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Catherine thinks she is unlucky in love so she decides to grab her destiny instead of waiting for it to occur.

May I just start by saying how proud I am to be writing about a cinematographic effort of some sort that is nor produced to officially promote, nor financed by the City of Montreal, and that is a whiff of serious air-conditioned air.

That being said, this undefined and simple storyline is about a girl -Catherine- who believes that she is unlucky in love, and decides to act has her own destiny instead of waiting for the event itself to happen. The series of events that leads to her decision-making and what happens afterwards are entertaining and play out as naturally as taking a walk in Park Lafontaine. I particularly enjoyed the clin d’oeil to Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie Poulain, even though I am not entirely certain it was done intentionally that way. The actors portray exquisite witty characters with different and distinct personalities, all of which was shot on different gorgeous backdrops of beautiful places in Montreal, that people will actually recognize; not only because they are shot well, but mainly because they act as charms in this short, completing the story.

Produced in 2011 by Emanuel St-Pierre Beaulieu, this entertaining project gathered a nice bunch of clearly talented people that brought to life a wonderfully entertaining and gorgeous simple story about a girl that yearns for something, and finds courage to look for it, no matter the result. And that is a motto we should all be so lucky to have the courage to go by in daily life.

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